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Myrkos Field Package

All Equipment

Built for predictive maintenance, the Myrkos Portable DGA MicroGC comes with a wide variety of accessories appropriate to all circumstances. Clients can choose between two configurations: Field or Lab, or create their own package according to their needs.

The Myrkos Field Package is ideal for remote site work. It features a watertight, rugged carrying case with retractable handle and wheels, a field module, and a Shake Test syringe carrying case. The extreme duty carrying case is designed to hold Myrkos and all the accessories required to perform DGA in the field, including the Myrkos Portable Controller.

Easy to use and with a full range of features, the Myrkos Field Package will meet your current and future needs.


  • Maximize operator productivity from site to site
  • Easy to set up and operate on site or on the go
  • Simplify internal cross-training
  • Versatile data management
  • Extended operation between carrier gas refills
  • Less consumables


  • All-in-one rugged carrying case
  • Cordless operation with seven hours’ autonomy
  • Li-ion rechargeable battery with state of charge indicators
  • Ready-to-use miniature portable controller
  • Removable carrier gas module for practical refilling
  • 40% increased carrier gas module capacity
  • Built-in O2-N2 extraction gas port


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Myrkos Field Package Specifications
Myrkos Specifications - Russian