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Calisto 9

Oil standards

Complete DGA - Moisture

Avoid what could become a costly transformer failure by choosing our new generation of multi-gas on-line monitors. The Calisto 9 is a powerful tool for transformer condition assessment.

This generation of Calistos uses gas chromatography with proven reliable results.
This is a physical method of separation in which the components to be separated are distributed between two phases, one of which is stationary (stationary phase) while the other moves in a definite direction (mobile phase).

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Calisto Interchangeability for advanced transformer condition assessment.



  • Accurately monitor all atmospheric and fault gases
  • Identify and monitor faults using any diagnostic method
  • Be alerted to unintended air ingress or accelerated oxidation
  • Ensure total combustible and dissolved gases remain within safe limits
  • Monitor any gas profile, from very low to extremely high concentrations


  • Measures all seven fault gases plus oxygen and nitrogen
  • Industry leading detection limits
  • Automated self-calibration using certified primary grade gas
  • Intuitive front-panel display interface
  • Built-in oil circulation and flow monitoring
  • Continuous enclosure and oil conditioning
  • Communication protocols: DNP3, Modbus, IEC 61850 (optional)
  • Vacuum tolerant
  • Substation hardened communication electronics
  • Built-in moisture and solubility coefficients for all common insulating fluids


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Calisto 5 / Calisto 9 Technical Specifications - English