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World-Class Accuracy Now in the U.S.A. Contáctenos

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Morgan Schaffer, the pioneer of Dissolved Gas Analysis (DGA) in North America and the producer of the world’s only commercially available gas-in-oil standards, is pleased to announce the opening of Morgan Schaffer USA in Philadelphia. The new facility houses a DGA and insulating oil testing lab and provides the company’s large American client base with an American service point for Calisto and Myrkos DGA monitors.

Morgan Schaffer’s DGA monitoring equipment, diagnostic software and laboratory services help electrical utilities and other transformer operators make informed decisions regarding the maintenance of their high-voltage transformers.
The combination of aging fleets, increased demand for electricity and reduced maintenance personnel make transformer condition monitoring more critical than ever. Richard Bérubé, Morgan Schaffer’s president, explains:

"DGA is the most reliable method of monitoring transformer health, but accurate diagnosis requires accurate DGA data. We provide clients with the highest level of accuracy to ensure that our monitors detect problems at the earliest sign.”
“Our new location means that we can provide our American clients with faster and better service within the U.S.”

In addition to laboratory services and technical support, Morgan Schaffer will also provide technical training and other educational programs at their Philadelphia location.


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