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Michel Veilletter
Product Manager DMD Software

Hired in January 2012, Michel Veillette has a doctorate from the University of Sherbrooke in Applied Sciences. As the project manager for Inside View he has been responsible for putting together and supervising the team that developed Morgan Schaffer’s ground breaking DGA diagnostic software.

An avid family man who dotes on his six year old daughter, Veillette likes to spend his spare time challenging the odds and enjoying the excitement by paragliding in the mountains of France and Quebec. He finds the combination of adventure and beauty thrilling.

On the job, Michel prefers to take a more reserved approach, encouraging his team to be independent and proactive. Instead of micromanaging them he provides guidelines and directions. Given the leading edge nature of Inside View you can only say his approach has been a complete success.

Although he likes to avoid being in the public eye, this doesn’t prevent him from frequently having lunch with his team members, sometimes in the form of a picnic on the nearby Lachine Canal. As for the future, Veillette believes that if Morgan Schaffer keeps making the right decisions it will be bright. And Veillette believes Morgan Schaffer will continue to make the right decisions.

Marc-Andre Tessier
Assembly Process Coordinator

Marc-Andre Tessier started work at Morgan Schaffer eleven years ago as an assembler. Since then he has worked as a repair technician and as a mechanical engineering technician. In late June he was promoted to Assembly Process Coordinator. He has always been guided by the philosophy, “If I do something, I do it well.” It is a philosophy that has served both the father of two young boys and Morgan Schaffer well.

Marc-Andre’s job means that he constantly works at improving production and engineering processes to make Morgan Schaffer more efficient. Formerly known as “Mr. Smile,” because of his sociability, Marc-Andre won the in-house competition to name Morgan Schaffer’s continuous efforts to improve operations using Lean Six Sigma methods as PI for Program Innovation and Excellence.

As for the future, Marc-Andre is full of confidence because of Morgan Schaffer’s past as an industry pioneer and the huge advantage Morgan Schaffer has because of its unrivalled reputation for accuracy and reliability.

Robert Ostiguy
Accounting Technician

Hockey playing practical joker Robert Ostiguy makes the Morgan Schaffer team laugh and who could ask for a better teammate or teacher? After ten years in the accounting department at Morgan Schaffer, where he takes care of the expense accounts, Robert has become the department’s walking encyclopedia on procedure and spends time teaching new hires the Morgan Schaffer way of doing business.

Robert graduated from college in St Jean Sur Richelieu and then worked for almost ten years at an insurance company before starting to work at Morgan Schaffer. Robert is a dedicated family man, and every year he joins one of his two daughters in a figure skating show.

He is also passionate about Morgan Schaffer and excited by the company’s continuous growth and bright future. Robert has tied his future to MS and believes the company will continue to expand. Over the next five years he sees himself becoming an accounting team leader, as the department expands.

Nanthakumary Vijayarajan
Lab Technician

Nanthakumary Vijayarajan has always chased her dreams. When she was a second year student at university in Sri Lanka, she lost both of her parents during the Sri Lankan civil war. Then her dreams  kicked in and helped take her to Montreal and to Morgan Schaffer. They also helped her fulfill a promise made to her mother to become a trained professional.

In Montreal she attended Dawson College, graduating in Chemical Engineering Technology. In 1999 she received a Women’s Engineering Scholarship and in 2002 the Silver Medal for Excellency in Chemical Engineering Technology.

She has worked at MS since 2002 as a laboratory technician and now supervises True North. Her ambition at MS is to become a lab team leader as the company expands.

Martin Labonte
Assembler level 3

Martin Labonte graduated with a DEP in Electronics and started work in Morgan Schaffer’s quality control and production department in April 2004. He brings a lively intelligence coupled with good humour to the work place where his talent for organization shines. He enjoys problem solving and thrives on developing procedures that streamline work flow.

Labonte appreciates that at Morgan Schaffer, everyone knows each other and he can speak to the president at a moment’s notice when he needs to. He describes Morgan Schaffer as a family and is looking forward to continue to grow with the company.

Martin has camped across Quebec and likes to hike and kayak with his girlfriend

Stephan Brauer
Director, R&D

Stephan Brauer graduated from the engineering physics program at Queen’s University in 1987, and completed a Ph.D. in experimental physics at McGill University in 1992. Dr. Brauer has since led technology development at small, medium and large organizations in both the private and public sector, specializing in the development of precision measurement instruments. He has written numerous scientific articles and patents. Dr. Brauer has managed the Research and Development team at Morgan Schaffer since 2005.



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