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About Morgan Schaffer Company

We work with our clients and strategic partners to deliver solutions that simplify the condition assessment of large high-voltage transformers. On May 25, 2017, Morgan Schaffer Ltd. became a new subsidiary of Doble Engineering, an ESCO Technologies Company (NYSE: ESE). Morgan Schaffer is a global utility solutions provider based in Montreal, Québec that specializes in dissolved gas analysis (DGA).

DGA is Morgan Schaffer’s area of expertise — and is the most critical metric for assessing the health of a power transformer. With our combined knowledge (Doble-Morgan Schaffer), instruments and services, we are the industry’s most trusted resource for condition monitoring. Both Doble and Morgan Schaffer are known for reliable technology, solution expertise and long histories in the industry. We excel at helping our customers solve problems. With our combined team, we now have even more expertise we can apply to solve the challenges facing our customers.


Our Unwavering Commitment  

Morgan Schaffer was established in 1965 in Montreal, Canada, by Dr. James E. Morgan and Dr. Robert Schaffer, with the first commercial laboratory in North America to offer dissolved gas analysis (DGA). Today, with clients in over 75 countries, Morgan Schaffer is a world-leading supplier of DGA services and monitoring solutions for large HV transformers.


Our Mission

To simplify our customers’ asset health management and risk management with integrated expert knowledge, premium products and services.


Our Vision

To be the partner of choice for condition-based decisions related to oil-filled electrical assets.


Our Values

  • Collaboration
  • Rigor
  • Passion
  • Commitment


Our Strengths

  • An outstanding international reputation after nearly 50 years serving the DGA community
  • World-class facilities and processes for oil analysis and analytical solutions
  • A highly motivated team, collaborating with rigor and respect
  • A strong commitment to research and development and innovation
  • An international network of authorized representatives trained to meet our customers' needs



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