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Laboratory Services

Morgan Schaffer's laboratory specializes exclusively in the analysis of dielectric fluids. Using the highest quality analytical instruments, we offer a full range of ASTM and IEC insulating oil tests. Our procedures allow for complete traceability from the time a sample is created using our online MS Oil LIMS software until we produce your final test report.

Morgan Schaffer pioneered Dissolved Gas Analysis (DGA) in America. Our 50 years of experience in transformer oil analysis guarantees precise and accurate analytical results.

Our ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accredited, state-of-the-art laboratory, with an annual capability for processing thousands of samples, currently serves utility customers in over 65 countries. 

Our accreditation covers electrical, physical and chemical transformer oil tests performed in our lab, as listed in the scope of accreditation:

Montreal Laboratory - Certificate of Accreditation

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Our laboratory is staffed by experienced chemists and technicians, who perform oil quality and dissolved gas analysis tests for electrical equipment. Our lab is fully equipped to handle a variety of tests to assist our clients with predictive maintenance. Advanced techniques are used to detect developing faults at the earliest stage.



When a new transformer is commissioned, establishing the time-zero conditions is essential to begin building the transformer’s analysis history. This package includes the key tests to run every time a new unit is installed. Read more


This basic package constitutes the first step in trying to locate and identify a specific transformer problem. The results from these tests will allow you to determine what other tests are required to have a clear understanding of your transformer's current condition. Read more


It is recommended to perform routine tests at least once a year to monitor the health of your transformers. Faults can occur at any stage in your transformer's life and evolve rapidly. Testing your transformers on a regular basis will allow you to detect any unforeseen changes in the condition of your transformers. Read more


Morgan Schaffer offers special transformer oil tests that provide a more comprehensive view of your transformer oil condition. These tests can be run annually or bi-annually or, depending on parameter evolution, a shorter sampling frequency may be required. Read more


When a new transformer is commissioned, Morgan Schaffer recommends that a test package be performed immediately. Read more to find out exactly what tests we recommend. Read more


Recommended tests and analyses for reprocessed oil, new oil acceptance and waste lot disposal. Read more



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