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Fault DeterminationLab Services

This basic package, is the first step when trying to locate and identify a specific transformer problem. The results from these tests will allow you to determine what other tests are required to be performed in order to have a clear understanding of your transformer's actual condition.

The recommended tests in this package include:

Dissolved Gas Analysis

Key gases detected: H2 (Hydrogen), O2 (Oxygen), N2 (Nitrogen), CH4 (Methane),
CO (Carbon Monoxide), CO2 (Carbon Dioxide), C2H4 (Ethylene), C2H6 (Ethane), C2H2 (Acetylene).
DGA as per ASTM D3612.

Water Content

Water reduces the insulation capacity of the oil, excessive moisture accelerates
the decomposition of the paper insulation.
Moisture in Oil content test as per ASTM D1533.

Furan Content

Furanic compounds are produced as the paper insulation deteriorates;
measuring the concentration of those compounds gives an indication on the
condition of the paper insulation.
Furan content as per ASTM D5837.

Metals in Oil

High energy faults can generate metal particles of various kinds and establishing
the concentration of these metal particles will help to narrow down the list of
components involved in the fault.



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