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Field Services

Teamwork is key to maximizing the value of your investments in oil testing and transformer monitoring. Our staff is ready to work on-site with you, in order to make it happen.


Morgan Schaffer is proud to offer preventative maintenance for our clients. Our technical support specialists are available to tour substations and perform technical assessments of all monitors. Specialists can replace faulty equipment on-site to keep client's equipment running smoothly, with little to no downtime.

Contact us to schedule a preventive maintenance appointment with one of our specialist. Contact Us for this Service


Whether you are new to our equipment or just want a refresher for your employees, our team of product specialists are ready to offer a highly professionnal and valuable training at your premises.

The benefits of an on-site equipment training are undeniable:

Builds high confidence with the equipment

Brings highly precise and accurate results

Guarantees next day 'Ready To Go'

Our most popular on-site training is for our portable DGA analyzers. We can also provide on-site training for our on-line monitors and tailor it to your specific needs.

Contact us for more information about this service. Contact Us for this Service


Although our on-line Monitors are easy and quick to install, we offer a service for assistance during installation and commissioning. This service is highly appreciated by our clients and is recommended for new users. No climatic condition nor vintage SCADA system can stop our specialists from getting the job done: they are prepared for any type of installation challenge.

The primary goal of this service is to assist and train our clients for installing and commissioning a new on-line monitor so they are fully autonomous next time.

At the end of the commissioning, the client receives an electronically signed on-site report (sample) from our technical support specialist.

Contact us to learn more about this service. Contact Us for this Service




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