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FAQs and Tutorials Client Care

Our technical support specialists are standing by to answer all of your questions about our products and services. Request assistance by e-mail at [email protected] or call us at +1.514.739.1967 (Eastern Time, GMT-5). From the United States and Canada, we have a Toll-Free Number: +1.855.861.1967

FAQs from Technical Support

1. What is the procedure to update/reinstall Calisto driver?

2. What are the Calisto communication protocols?

3. How does Calisto bubble trap system work?

4. What is the Calisto memory capacity?

5. How do we download the Calisto and Myrkos documentation from the website?

6. Why it is necessary to purge the Calisto oil lines?

7. How do we select the valves on the transformer to install the two Calisto oil lines?

8. What is the procedure to supply the Calisto units with DC voltage?

9. Why is there only one hydrogen reading on the Calisto door’s display, but two readings in the software interface?

10. What are the communication options available for Calisto units? (cellular modem, radio frequency modem, fiber optic converter)?

11. Could we swap a Calisto 2 for a Calisto 5/9 and vice-versa?

12. How do we use Modbus, DNP3 and MSSP on the Ethernet – RJ45?

13. What is the purity of the carrier gas (Helium) for Calisto 5/9?

14. What is the purity of the carrier gas (Helium) for Myrkos/P200?

15. What are the steps to follow when an alarm is triggered on the Calisto?




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