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Who We Are Company

We work with our clients and strategic partners to deliver solutions that simplify the condition assessment of large high-voltage transformers. On May 25, 2017, Morgan Schaffer Ltd. became a new subsidiary of Doble Engineering, an ESCO Technologies Company (NYSE: ESE). Morgan Schaffer is a global utility solutions provider based in Montreal, Québec that specializes in dissolved gas analysis (DGA).

DGA is Morgan Schaffer’s area of expertise — and is the most critical metric for assessing the health of a power transformer. With our combined knowledge (Doble-Morgan Schaffer), instruments and services, we are the industry’s most trusted resource for condition monitoring. Both Doble and Morgan Schaffer are known for reliable technology, solution expertise and long histories in the industry. We excel at helping our customers solve problems. With our combined team, we now have even more expertise we can apply to solve the challenges facing our customers.




Morgan Schaffer has assembled a dynamic team of professional Territory Sales Directors to serve you. They bring extensive experience in sales, product development, and market analysis spanning a wide range of industries and countries. They believe that the most important step toward client satisfaction is helping you to find the best solution for your asset management needs, at the right price. Another important role of the Territory sales Directors is to collect and synthesize customer feedback. This feedback is used throughout the organization to maintain our focus on customer needs, and to direct our innovation for the new products and services.

Our Sales Directors have the following territories:

  • Canada, South America, and the Caribbean
  • Eastern USA and Mexico
  • Western USA
  • Europe, Africa and Russia
  • Middle East, Asia, and Pacific

Together, they manage a network of more than 120 authorized representatives to serve our clients in over 80 countries. Many of our representatives have been long-term Morgan Schaffer partners. All our representatives receive regular training regarding our latest products and improvements, so they are equipped to serve you with sales, installations, maintenance and repairs.



Morgan Schaffer’s distinction in the market arises from our uncompromising commitment to precision, accuracy and reliability. Our marketing department works tirelessly to find fresh and creative ways to communicate this message to all our clients and partners in the industry.

Our dynamic marketing team brings over 20 years of experience in coordinating tradeshows, corporate events, and corporate communications, spanning all forms of print and electronic media. The team includes highly qualified personnel accredited with CTSM (Certified Trade Show Market).



In addition to a core of highly experienced engineers, Morgan Schaffer’s Engineering Department includes skilled technicians, industrial designers, and customer-focused technical support specialists. Responsibilities of the group include:

  • design, construction, and maintenance of our physical infrastructure
  • design and manufacturing systems and procedures
  • product design and development
  • control of manufacturing documents, and
  • working with clients to create custom-engineered solutions

The team brings a combination of experience, knowledge and a strong commitment to exceeding our clients’ expectations. The engineering department adheres to the highest standards of quality assurance and the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System (QMS).


Research and Development

Through a long-standing commitment to technical and business innovation, Morgan Schaffer has assembled a dynamic team of highly experienced research scientists and development engineers. The R&D group strives to continuously improve our clients’ experience through the creation of market-leading new products and services, and the ongoing improvement of existing ones. The group also steers development of Morgan Schaffer’s manufacturing systems. The group actively pursues market-focused technology research, which leads the way to future product innovations.

The R&D team is comprised of the following types of technical professionals:

  • Instrumentation scientists experienced in the art of precision chemical and physical measurements, and systems for such measurements
  • Electrical engineers with expertise in analog, digital and mixed signal systems, communications, power electronics, EMC, and electrical safety.
  • Mechanical and thermal design engineers with expertise in industrial design, control systems, thermal management, and the regulation of gas and liquid flow.
  • Software engineers with state-of-the-art-know-how for developing embedded systems, data management systems and graphical user interfaces, on diverse hardware and operating platforms


Customer Support

Morgan Schaffer customer support specialists are always available to help. With years of experience working on-site with clients to install our equipment and provide training, our support specialists have a deep understanding of our products and services and enjoy helping you get the most value from our solutions. They will be pleased to work with you directly, or in collaboration with our authorized representatives in your area.


Quality Assurance

Our quality management system is designed to drive continuous improvement without restraining our agility. Our experienced quality team oversees rigorous routine testing and quality assurance processes to guarantee that you receive the value you expect from our products. The group integrates closely with all teams at Morgan Schaffer ensuring company wide focus on complete customer satisfaction.



All Morgan Schaffer products are assembled and tested at our state-of-the-art facility in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Our highly trained and experienced manufacturing team takes pride in building the equipment you depend on. The ever-vigilant team members also play a key role in uncovering ways to continuously improve our products and processes.


Human Resources

Our people are our greatest assets, and building motivated, effective teams has been key to our growth. We therefore value our Human Resource processes above all others. Our HR professionals have established outstanding policies for recruiting and retaining talented employees. Morgan Schaffer proudly offers equal opportunities and promoted diversity in the workplace.

To contribute to Morgan Schaffer’s mission, please click here to apply.



Morgan Schaffer’s administration department takes responsibility for all tasks related to the financial activities of the company. They control and follow-up with all purchasing activities and all sales orders. They efficiently manage inventory follow-up with all after-sales documentation. The administration department also plays a lead role in developing and maintaining our information technology infrastructure.




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