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Quality Commitment ISO and IEC Company

Customer satisfaction is the ultimate goal of our two quality management systems. All members of the Morgan Schaffer team are personally invested in these systems, as they challenge us to continually improve our products, services and internal processes.

We work with our clients and strategic partners to deliver solutions that simplify the condition assessment of large high-voltage transformers. On May 25, 2017, Morgan Schaffer Ltd. became a new subsidiary of Doble Engineering, an ESCO Technologies Company (NYSE: ESE). Morgan Schaffer is a global utility solutions provider based in Montreal, Québec that specializes in dissolved gas analysis (DGA).

DGA is Morgan Schaffer’s area of expertise — and is the most critical metric for assessing the health of a power transformer. With our combined knowledge (Doble-Morgan Schaffer), instruments and services, we are the industry’s most trusted resource for condition monitoring. Both Doble and Morgan Schaffer are known for reliable technology, solution expertise and long histories in the industry. We excel at helping our customers solve problems. With our combined team, we now have even more expertise we can apply to solve the challenges facing our customers.

ISO 9001:2015 Certification

In 2008, we first earned the ISO 9001:2001 certification. We have since updated our quality management system with our ISO 9001:2015 certification. Through our implementation of the ISO 9001 standard, we follow the best business practices in the world to deliver and support our DGA analyzers, DGA monitoring equipment and related services. It might not be surprising to learn that our preoccupation with precision, accuracy and reliability permeates our ISO 9001 quality management system. From product conception to after-sales support, our ISO 9001 quality management system ensures that we listen attentively to our customers. As we strive to be the world’s leading supplier of DGA solutions, we are committed to understanding your needs and to delivering equipment and services that exceed your expectations.



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ISO/IEC 17025:2017 Certificate of Accreditation – Laboratory Testing

Since 2003, our oil analysis laboratory has held ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation. In combination with almost 50 years of oil testing experience, the Morgan Schaffer laboratory has become a reference in the industry. Our lab makes no compromises, using only the most stringent analytical techniques. And we analyze samples from all corners of the world, so, no matter where you are, we can provide you with precise and accurate oil test results you can depend on.

Montreal Laboratory - Certificate of Accreditation
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ISO/IEC 17025 is the single most important metrology standard for testing laboratories and for test and measurement products, having been adopted by nearly all national standards bodies and accreditation agencies around the world. A growing number of companies require it and some industries have even incorporated it into sector-specific standards.

By using this quality management system, the Morgan Schaffer laboratory is able to demonstrate the technical abilities of its staff and their ability to generate technically valid calibration and test results. Continuous validation of our calibrations ensures the precision, accuracy and repeatability of our results. Contract reviews, preventive actions and prompt handling of customer concerns and proposals are processes within our quality management system (QMS) that enable us to continually improve the level of service we offer. 

In the electrical sector, oil test results are some of the most critical data for making sound transformer maintenance decisions. In the nuclear industry, the traceability of analytical results may be even more important. Our clients can rest assured that Morgan Schaffer's measurements are backed by stringent analytical procedures and compliance with the most recent standards.

When requesting oil tests, asking for ISO/IEC 17025 compliance maximizes the value of your test data by ensuring both quality and traceability. Moreover, our LIMS system lets you follow each analytical process we perform on your samples.

ISO 17034:2016 Certificate of Accreditation – Reference Material Production

Morgan Schaffer is ISO 17034:2016 accredited by the ANSI-ASQ National Accreditation Board for the production of reference material listed on its scope of accreditation.

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ESCO Conflict Minerals Policy

The mining and trading of “conflict minerals” and their derivatives – cassiterite (tin), wolframite (tungsten), coltan (tantalum) and gold – in the Democratic Republic of the Congo is helping to finance armed groups which promote widespread violence, human rights violations and environmental degradation in the DRC and adjacent countries (the DRC Region).

Section 1502 of the Dodd-Frank Act and related SEC regulations endeavor to reduce these actions by motivating businesses to obtain their conflict minerals from sources which do not support armed groups in the DRC Region.  The Act and regulations require SEC reporting companies to make certain inquiries and conduct due diligence on their entire supply chain regarding the sources of any conflict minerals used in their products, and to report annually as to whether or not they have found these conflict minerals to have originated in the DRC Region and to be “conflict free.”

As an SEC reporting company, ESCO is subject to the conflict minerals provisions of the Act and SEC regulations, and we fully support their objectives.  However, because we do not smelt or refine conflict minerals ourselves, we must rely on assistance from our many suppliers – and their own suppliers in turn – in gathering the information necessary for our due diligence and reports, and in attempting to trace the conflict minerals used in our products all the way back to their ultimate sources.  We realize this places a burden on our suppliers, many of whom are private or foreign companies which are not themselves subject to the conflict minerals provisions.  In addition, many of the procedures for determining whether sources are “conflict free” have not yet been fully developed, and we expect that the refinement and implementation of these due diligence procedures will be an ongoing process requiring cooperation among entities throughout our entire supply chain.

It is ESCO’s policy that:
  • We expect our suppliers to cooperate with us in the conflict minerals compliance process, to assist us in identifying the sources of the conflict minerals in the products and components they supply to us, and to endeavor to become “conflict free” themselves;
  • Our eventual goal is to procure products and components containing conflict minerals exclusively from sources which are “conflict free”; and
  • In making procurement decisions we will evaluate our suppliers on the extent to which they meet these expectations and share this goal.

Morgan Schaffer is a Doble Company, a subsidiary of ESCO Technologies Company.

For more information about our commitment to quality, please contact us.



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