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Data is Meaningless Unless it's Accurate & Reliable

Dissolved Gas Analysis, DGA, is the business of protecting expensive high voltage transformers from incipient faults. DGA as an industry is  the result of rigorous science built on the accuracy and reliability of incipient fault gases readings.

Without reliable accurate readings any data collected is meaningless. Worse than that, misleading data can lead you to make the wrong maintenance decisions which could risk millions of dollars worth of transformer assets, to say nothing of any collateral power grid damage.

At Morgan Schaffer we know all of this which explains why we make our DGA monitoring equipment the way we do - more accurate and better - than any other company. Half of the employees at Morgan Schaffer are either engineers or scientists and they believe in building things the right way.

Accuracy starts at the beginning and our Calisto family of monitors use a circulating system to extract samples because it allows for a better random sampling method than the static extraction system used by some of our competitors.

Data is useless if it is not accurate. Calisto automatically calibrates itself because if the equipment isn’t properly calibrated, it can’t be accurate. The majority of our competitors don’t believe in accuracy as much as we do because they fail to make their equipment calibrate automatically.

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Morgan Schaffer Shows
Up in Unexpected Places

Morgan Schaffer’s leading edge technology and its reputation for accuracy, reliability and its ability to safeguard critical assets takes it to places you wouldn’t expect. In this case to Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport, one of the best airports in the world.

O’Hare is one of the largest and busiest international airports in the world.  In 2011, over 66 million passengers went through its gates.

It covers an immense amount of land, 17,000 acres spread over Cook and DuPage counties within Chicago. Airport facilities, towers, hangers and terminal cover 7,000 acres alone. More than 41,000 people work at the airport and almost half a million   jobs with an economic impact of US$38 billion depend on it.

As you can imagine every effort is made to keep this economic powerhouse safe, secure and on time, which is where Morgan Schaffer comes in because critical transformer assets at O’Hare are guarded by Morgan Schaffer’s gold standard DGA monitoring equipment. At O’Hare, the best use only the best.

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our People

Mathieu Guertin stays in shape by playing ultimate frisbee, hockey, basketball and running. It gives him the energy he needs to travel as he manages Morgan Schaffer’s sales agents in 45 countries under his assigned territory.

Mathieu was hired by Morgan Schaffer in 2009 and has applied himself to improving our foreign distribution network. At MS he uses Lean Six Sigma tools to drive efficiency. Something of an overachiever, he once backpacked in South East Asia for three months, lived in Spain and completed an MBA from HEC University of Montreal all in the same year.

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Upcoming Events
IEEE México - RVP-AI/2013

Vigesimosexta Reunión Internacional de Verano de Potencia, Aplicaciones Industriales y Exposición Industrial 2013

Centro Internacional Acapulco,
Acapulco, Guerrero, Mexico
July 8-12, 2013 - Stands 162 & 163

Special Paper Presentations by Mr. Miguel Ceballos - Sales Director for Canada, Central & South America and Mexico (details to be announced soon)

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Centro de Convenciones Cerro Juli,
Arequipa, Peru
Sept 16-20, 2013 - Canadian Pavillion

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