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Calisto Family Compatible With Green Utilities

It is a known fact that industries are growing to adjust to Green Operations, and that is the case in the Electrical Transmission Industry. In fact, many electric utilities have come to realize the critical responsibility they have with nature and people surrounding electrical substations, given the volatility of electrical transformers.

For this reason, many electrical utilities and transformer manufacturers around the world have decided to replace regular insulating oils with environmentally friendly dielectric fluids. This type of oil has environmentally friendly characteristics, is biodegradable, non-toxic to aquatic life, and fire-resistant; other advantages include having a lower pour point, greater moisture tolerance, and improved function at high temperatures.

Morgan Schaffer’s on-line monitoring equipment were among the first to offer compatibility with biodegradable transformer fluids, as the Envirotemp™ FR3™, used in a wide variety of liquid-filled electrical equipment installations in locations where exposure to nature, people and property make fire safety a special concern.

Nowadays, more than 450 thousand transformers around the world switched to biodegradable fluids, taking a huge step into minimizing the impact of utilities on the environment. After all, it’s only natural.

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Swiss Giant ABB Places US$1 Billion Bet on Solar Energy

ABB, the Zurich-based international leader in power, automation and Morgan Schaffer DGA Monitoring Solutions client has gone against the tide of recent solar power bankruptcies by purchasing  US-based Power-One, the second largest manufacturer of solar power inverters for US$ 1 billion, a 57% premium over Power-One’s market capitalization.

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our People

Hockey playing practical joker Robert Ostiguy makes the Morgan Schaffer team laugh and who could ask for a better teammate or teacher? After ten years in the accounting department ...

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